SAPA: Hmong Hill Tribe Home-stay (Part 2 of 4)

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SAPA: Hmong Hill Tribe Home-stay (Part 2 of 4)

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At this point it was follow the leader time. As we exited the hotel we started heading towards the mountains. Sue showed us a little printed map where we are heading to, but we had no idea how long we would be trekking for. We ended up taking a path that leads up the mountain through some local’s houses.  

It began to get really steep.   Then it got really muddy. This created a big challenge. Trying to not slip or fall was hard our shoes were caked with mud. It was like one-step forward, three sliding back. Sue had to keep helping Gintare, that’s how slick it was. We couldn’t understand why Sue was not sliding she was like a master mud trekker. She never slid once. It was impressive. She was also like a master with plants. She kept pointing out tons of species and even made something similar to a wreath garland for Gintare. It was nice. Half way up the sun started to show which made it get really hot. It was hardcore sweating and sliding.We eventually caught up to other trekkers and Hmong women that were headed in the same direction.                                                                      SueLeaders




Once we got to the top the view of SAPA from there was amazing. At this moment we thought we might be getting close and the hard part was over. We were definitely wrong. Going down was even harder than going up.

Mountain View      SAPA View

SAPA View 2


The other side of the mountain was a lot muddier. If you could stay on your feet, you got talent. We watched the others that continued on with us slip, fall, even roll.   There were plenty of times where we were almost eating mud.

Muddy Road      Matt & mud      Caked shoes

About half way down it started to get extremely foggy, to the point where you could barely see 10 ft in front of you. Once we got through the fog we came into a small village where we were going to have lunch. Before we knew it was for lunch we thought we were done. We still had a lot to go.

Foggy Road      Foggy Walk

Lost in Fog

During lunch kids bombarded us trying to sell handmade bracelets. They even went as far as chanting in unison “you buy one from me” as we sere sitting there eating. This was very creepy, and even comical at the same time. It was so bad that Sue had to teach us some words on how to tell them “no shopping.” Also it looked like some of the kids might have been sick. One of the kids was draining boogies from her nose. One of the guys couldn’t take it and just wiped her nose clean. We were told that their parents would send them to try and sell instead of going to school. After lunch we all continued trekking and at one point everyone split up and it was just us two and Sue again.

you buy 1 from me      Lunch Time

We started to approach her village after a long but fun 4 and half hour trek. The village was small it only had one little school, and a little grocery store. Rice fields were everywhere and you could see tons of chickens, pigs, even water buffalos, and other animals roaming free. The scenery here was outstanding, unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Hmong Ladies      Houses


Animal & View      Animal 2


Rice Field      Grand View



As we were finally reaching our destination we passed many little houses, more like wooden shacks. You could tell people out here were poor. The kids were running around barefoot and dirty.

A Family House 2      Village Kids

Houses 2

Then out of nowhere there was this beautiful house. We got excited when Sue told us “this way,” showing to the house. We thought “nice, we are staying here,” then we started to pass it. We both looked at each other and could tell we were thinking the same thing “we want that house!” As we looked further down you could only see one more house at the end of this street. We knew now that this was it.   As we saw it we had only one thing on our minds “what did we get ourselves into?”

Sue's Home



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