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                Hello World! We are Gintare and Matt. We are a lovely married couple whose passion is to travel the world. Traveling to new places, eating local and even bizarre foods, participating in new cultures, and traditions are thrills we both live for. Though this wasn’t always the case, our lives started off differently.  We are both from different backgrounds.

               Gintare grew up in Lithuania who already had the heart of a traveler. Matt grew up in the United States who was hardcore into sports and fitness. So in the beginning of our relationship traveling wasn’t a priority, but with our destination wedding that all changed. We got married in Hawaii and that was a dream. This gave us our first traveling adventure as a couple and we took advantage. We traveled and explored every island in Hawaii like we were on a mission. This was the single event that sparked and changed our goals for the future. We wanted more. A few months later we ventured off back to Gintare’s homeland in Europe and explored more countries there. Next lead to a four month backpacking trip in Asia. We were hooked. Now our dream is to finish the map, we want to explore as many countries as our life together will allow.

              We want this Blog to be a representation of our life’s mission. As a part of that representation we hope that we can inspire anyone who feels any way the same to create their own journey. We hope showing you our experiences, including the good and bad, will help make anyone feel comfortable about traveling or just show you what the world has to offer. Enjoy !!!

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