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Cooking Lesson 2

SAPA: Hmong Home-Stay (Part 3 of 4)

               As we walked the final steps that were leading up to Sue’s home her family was outside waiting for us. We got to meet her husband and four children, two girls and two boys. Language was a big barrier but they all kept smiling at us. This was

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Group Photo

SAPA: Hmong Hill Tribe Home-stay (Part 2 of 4)

At this point it was follow the leader time. As we exited the hotel we started heading towards the mountains. Sue showed us a little printed map where we are heading to, but we had no idea how long we would be trekking for. We ended up taking a path that leads up the mountain

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SAPA: Hmong Hill Tribe Home-stay (Part 1 of 4)

               After our first interaction with the Hmong Hill Tribe Ladies (Sue and Ling) we headed to check-in to our hotel, which we booked in advance online for $7 a night. With it being so early in the morning it took a little bit to find our hotel. Once

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Sapa View

First Moments in SAPA…

               The first moments of SAPA were actually very interesting (now a little comical). We arrived in town around 3:30am but were able to stay in the bus a while longer due the fact a trekking guide for some other people on the bus was running late. It was

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